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• Noticed A Draft

If you have noticed a draft around your front door or some of your other exterior doors, you should consider upgrading your door weatherstripping. 800-995-3279 Weatherstripping is pretty much what it sounds like-some type of a protective strip around your door designed to prevent the weather and the elements from coming inside your home. It also prevents your heat or air conditioning from getting out, increasing the overall efficiency of your HVAC unit's performance and reducing your energy costs.


• Select the Right Product

There are many different types of products available for weatherstripping doors. Each have their pros and cons or ideal usage and you should consider these things carefully before making your decision. Some, for example, perform better in certain climates than others. Weatherstripping made of felt can absorb moisture and therefore is not really ideal for damp climates. To see some call 800-995-3279.


• An Overview

Weatherstripping is needed on the bottom, top and sides of your door. Following is an overview of some types of weatherstripping styles available on the market today. Pliable gaskets are basically rubber seals that are simple to install. Rigid gaskets come in multiple materials and must be properly affixed to wood or metal along the door frame.

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Door Weatherstripping

Weather Stripping Guys places a door sweep is used on the bottom of your door and is best for doors with low thresholds; take caution when selecting your door sweep so that the one you choose does not drag on your carpeting. A door shoe can also fitted to the bottom of your door; this type of weatherstripping is well suited to doors with higher thresholds and it commonly comes in aluminum or vinyl. Folded strips fit between the door and the door jamb to provide side insulation.

Each type of door weatherstripping are available in a variety of different materials, but vinyl, foam and felt are the most common materials used by weatherstripping suppliers. Vinyl is often the simplest to work with, but can sometimes have problems properly adhering to some metal strips. Felt, as noted above, is best for dry climates and is a cost-effective option. Foam provides good insulation but does require some additional work as it must be sawed and painted prior to installation.

Door Weatherstripping Energy and Cost Savings

Just as caulking prevents leaks around permanent or fixed features in your home, weatherstripping prevents air leaks around moveable components like doors and windows.

Weather Stripping Guys will ensure that the weatherstripping on your home's exterior doors is in good condition can be very beneficial to you. Because you will no longer lose valuable heated or cooled indoor air to the outside, your heater and air conditioner will have a reduced load on them, making them last longer. This also means you will use less energy and pay less to your local utility company.

Weather Stripping Guys provides, Insulation services throughout the state of. Saving energy is essential in today's world and saved energy means saved money. For your attic insulation needs, just give us a call at 800-995-3279.

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